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Royal IHC

Gepubliceerd: 15 days ago

Research & Developer

Gepubliceerd: 15 days ago
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As R&D Engineer at IHC Systems you will be a core member of our innovation team, a team that delivers innovation that meets customer tomorrow's needs. Investing in Research and Development is essential for positioning the company as a technical leader in our industry. Your scope will lie within the complete range of products of IHC Systems. The department currently consists out of 6 people and we are looking for a new R&D Engineer to strengthen our team. Being a R&D Engineer is a very dynamic job, you will not only focus on theory but literally "practice what you preach"

You will be responsible for:

* Develop new control methods, algorithms and new measurement systems

* Test the control algorithms and software on simulators and on board vessels

* Conduct research and data analysis

* Consult with clients regarding their wishes and experiences

Job requirements:

* an academic higher education (WO) in Systems and Control engineering, Mechatronics or a related field

* Professional with at least 3 years of relevant working experience

* Experience in control engineering

* Experience in Matlab/Simulink

* Knowledge of software development such as c++ is not required but preferred

Plaats / place: Zuid Holland

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