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Royal IHC

Gepubliceerd: 14 days ago

R&D Internship (IHC Systems)

Gepubliceerd: 14 days ago
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Would you like to join our R&D department to help us ? If so, then why not apply for the position R&D Internship Graduation Thesis

Your role

At the R&D department of IHC Systems the latest automation for the offshore and dredging industry is investigated and developed. Currently we are looking for students that are interested in performing a thesis or an internship at our department.

Our field of expertise covers a wide range of control topics, including:

* Motion & Heave compensation

* Dynamic Positioning systems

* Autonomous vessels

* Dredge automation

* Power management

Related to these topics a list of assignments is currently available of which these are some examples:

* Autolanding for motion compensated gangways

* Model-based-control thruster allocation for Dynamic Positioning systems

* Machine learning for dredging equipment control

Furthermore, together with us a custom assignment can be formed based on your interest and our experience, it is also possible to propose your own idea!

Your profile

To be eligible for this position, you must be:

* Enrolled in a HBO or WO master's degree, preferably related to Systems & Control or Mechatronics.

* Able to plan and prioritize your tasks, and work with sufficient independence.

* Proactive and have a hands-on mentality.

* Fluent in Dutch and English, both spoken and written.

Plaats / place: Zuid Holland

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