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Royal IHC

Gepubliceerd: 14 days ago

Design & development AR/VR Intern

Gepubliceerd: 14 days ago
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As an intern, you will join the Software Engineering department at IHC Systems. As IHC Systems we engineer Automation Systems for our vessels, including sensors, bridge control desks, PLC's and monitoring and control software. Our department is responsible for engineering mainly dredging related monitoring and control software. As technology innovator we are always exploring new technologies for possible future applications. So we are currently creating new applications with Augmented- and Virtual Reality (AR/VR). For this purpose we have an interesting challenge for an intern. Are you a creative software developer with a passion for new technologies like AR and VR, please respond to this position to meet eachother and discover what is possible.

To be eligible for this role, you must have the following:

* a higher vocational education (HBO)

* some experience in a programming language e.g. C#

* some experience with Unity3D

* enthusiasm for new technology the ability to plan your own work and liaise with colleagues at all levels

* experience with AR and/or VR is of course a pre

Plaats / place: Zuid Holland

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